Super Chewer Barkbox vs BullyMake: Which is Better?

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Super Chewer Barkbox vs BullyMake: Which is Better?
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Super Chewer Barkbox vs BullyMake: Which is better? Like other dog owners, Get Freebies Today ( always looks for new toys to keep our little guy occupied. But figuring out the best toy for your dog isn’t easy—and it can be a big challenge. We’ve reviewed the Bullymake dog toys and were impressed with their design and durability. So when we were approached to review their competitor, the Barkbox Super Chewer dog toy, we decided to compare them head to head. Keep reading to explore with us.

1. Overview about BullyMake & BarkBox Super Chewer

1.1. What is a BullyMake Box?

BullyMake Box is a subscription service for dogs with many teeth requiring extra-durable chews. Several subscription options are available, including month-to-month, three-month-to-six-month-to-a-year, and a year-long plan. Changing the box and theme each month means your dog will never get tired of this subscription!

1.2. What comes in their box?

Three bags of treats and two or three chew toys are included in the BullyMake regular box.

Moreover, the following are some specifics of BullyMake boxes:

  • Your dog’s weight will be requested when you place an order from BullyMake so that the toys can be sized appropriately.
  • These toys are made in the United States and tested on various strong breeds to ensure they can withstand heavy chewing.
  • They also manufacture and design their own treats, emphasizing healthy snacks.
  • A few toys are infused with flavors, while others are interactive and can be stuffed with candy. No squeaky toys are included either.

1.3. What is BarkBox Super Chewer?

BarkBox Super Chewer is a dog subscription box that includes a themed collection of toys, treats, and chews built to withstand chewing. Each month, you’ll receive a new box from their subscription service, which is available for month-to-month, six-month, or 12-month terms.

The terms “Super Chewer,” “Bark Super Chewer,” or “BarkBox Super Chewer” are all used interchangeably. It is important to note that the toys included in these subscription boxes are made with chewers in mind.

1.4. What comes in their box?

The regular Super Chewer box includes two treat bags, two toys, and two all-natural chews. Barkbox has more information on these boxes:

  • Their toys come in a wide range of styles and are made of nylon and rubber, with no fluff inside them.
  • No wheat, corn, or soy ingredients are in the treats or chews. They even have options for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies on their menus.
  • There are subscription boxes for small, medium, and large dogs, all of which have their own unique assortments of toys and chews.

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2. Barkbox vs BullyMake: Price

BullyMake vs. Super Chewer: What’s the difference in price? Barkbox is less expensive than BullyMake. Even if you buy their Super Chewer box, you’ll save money compared to BullyMake on most of their boxes.

2.1. Barkbox

Super Chewer boxes are currently available for the following prices:

  • Package 1: Monthly Subscription: $45/month.
  • Package 2: 6-Month Subscription: $35 ($183 total if paid in advance-a 10% discount).
  • Package 3: 12-Month Subscription: $30 per month (or $299 if you pay in advance, which saves you 15%).

Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states, but it costs $8 per box to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

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Barkbox vs BullyMake: Price

Barkbox vs BullyMake: Price

2.2. BullyMake

The price of BullyMake is pretty higher than that of Barkbox Super Chewer. Check out all the options for subscriptions as below:

  • Option 1: $45/box for 1 month
  • Option 2: $36/box if you pay in advance for 3 months.
  • Option 3: $34/box if you pay in advance for 6 months.
  • Option 4: $31/box if you pay in advance for 12 months.

$9/month gets you an extra toy in your subscription box.

3. Super Chewer vs BullyMake: Treats & chews

Super Chewer Barkbox vs BullyMake: Treats & chews

Super Chewer Barkbox vs BullyMake: Treats & chews

3.1. Barkbox Super Chewer

There are no cookie-cutter treats included in BarkBox’s Super Chewer box; each bag of treats is designed and shaped specifically for that box by BarkBox’s designers. Wheat, corn, and soy are always eliminated from the all-natural treats made in the United States and Canada with domestic and imported ingredients.

In terms of chews, there are usually two meaty chews in each Super Chewer BarkBox, which can include anything from the crunchy beef trachea to juicy turkey sausages.

3.2. BullyMake

BullyMake creates and manufactures the bags of treats that go into each box, such as the BBQ chicken and apple and the beefy biscuits.

4. Barkbox Super Chewer vs BullyMake: Durability & design

Barkbox Super Chewer vs BullyMake: Durability & design

Barkbox Super Chewer vs BullyMake: Durability & design

4.1. Barkbox Super Chewer

Toys in Super Chewer boxes are made entirely of durable rubber and nylon. Some highlighted items in these boxes:

  • “Shuck That Corn” from “Bark Slope Street Fair” is a treat dispenser and pull toy. Crinkle husks and a rope “stalk” provide play aspects, while little treats or kibble inside extend the toy’s life.
  • Rubber was overmolded around “Ilana the Iguana’s” nylon core in the “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” box. Ilana’s rough scales and elevated ridges add fascinating textures and sensations for dogs.
  • The vikings delivered the “Treat Lock Tread Ball” to the “Vikings of Valhowla” box. This ball features Y-shaped snacks that “lock in.” The studded top half of the ball introduced new textures, while the bottom blended rubber and bamboo.


4.2. BullyMake

BullyMake box toys are normally constructed of nylon and rubber, and buyers can choose to obtain rope or ballistic toys. The outstanding features of the toys in the BullyMake box:

  • BullyMake boxes don’t include squeaky toys, but they’re flavored with peanut butter or candy corn and function as treat dispensers.
  • The September 2017 box’s “Cherry Bomb” toy gets dogs tugging, fetching, chewing, and using their brains to obtain rewards.
  • The textured “XOXO” heart toy’s super-tough nylon can withstand vigorous chewers.

5. Bullymake vs Super Chewer BarkBox: Customization

Bullymake vs Super Chewer BarkBox: Customization

Bullymake vs Super Chewer BarkBox: Customization

5.1. Barkbox Super Chewer

You can order Barkbox Super Chewer boxes with custom features to suit your buddy. Here are some features you can tweak:

  • Super Chewer customizes goods based on your dog’s size. They’ll inquire if your dog is small (1–20 lbs), medium (20–50 lbs), or large (50+ lbs).
  • First-box toys, treats, or chews are pre-packed. Customer service can customize future boxes. You can switch to a toy-only or treat-only box. 
  • After placing your order, you can adjust the frequency to every other month.
  • They can handle almost all dog allergies, and none of their products contain wheat, corn, or soy.


5.2. BullyMake

You’ll find a few settings here that can be tweaked as you can with Super Chewer.

  • During sign-up, you’ll supply your dog’s weight so they can size goods. After purchase, you can modify toys with rubber, nylon, rope, or ballistic.
  • Customer service can change the shipping frequency.
  • They only accommodate grain, meat, or chicken allergies. ‘Toys only’ boxes are available for dogs with food allergies.

6. Bullymake vs Barkbox Super Chewer: What do customers say?

Bullymake vs Barkbox Super Chewer: What do customers say?

Bullymake vs Barkbox Super Chewer: What do customers say?

6.1. Barkbox Super Chewer

  • A 5-star rating from Kim: Wow… amazing! I have a 90-lb American Bulldog who takes all her frustrations out on her toys. This toy has lasted longer than everything I have gotten her that she plays with! This is amazing. The only other toy she has that she hasn’t been able to obliterate is a Kong X2 tester for super destructive dogs. I would 100% recommend this toy.
  • Another 5-star review from Younicorn19: I have a 5 yr old Australian Cattle Dog who can be an aggressive chewer. Just buy it, it’s cute, and your dog will have fun for maybe 6 months or 6 minutes, depending on how much they hate Bessie. Also, this thing is heavy….like holy mackerel, did my dog just drop a bowling ball on the hardwood floor. But it’s also rubber, so no dents.
  • Digital Guy gave a 5-star review with this message: The dog loves it! The durability of the toy is great! Great quality toy! This has now become his favorite toy. We bought some other toys after this one, but he seems to love this toy more. The longevity of the toy surprised me! He likes to work on a toy till it’s destroyed to pieces. So far, this has lasted through the week!

6.2. BullyMake

  • A review from Kathy gave a 5-star rating: BullyMake is terrific! It saved our home from destruction! Our experience with BullyMake was fabulous. 
  • Sadly, a 1-star review from Cheryl L: It is expensive, will not cancel and will destroy the dog’s teeth. Do NOT subscribe! They will not cancel your account, even though the website says to just email customer service to cancel it. Their toys are terrible and destroy your dog’s teeth. I should send them the bill!
  • Katelyn P also sent her opinion: Be very careful about ordering the nylon toys. They’re made of such dense nylon that they’re stronger than your dog’s teeth. My 2 yo pup has lost two teeth due to damage from chewing the toy. It may be indestructible… But your dog’s mouth isn’t.

7. Barkbox vs BullyMake: Which is better?

Super Chewer Barkbox vs. BullyMake: Which is better? Barkbox is a good choice if you have a little dog. Smaller dogs and those that don’t chew as hard appear to be better served by their toys. When it comes to larger dogs, BullyMake is the best bet. Barkbox appears to have a much broader range of toys for little dogs. It does appear that Barkbox offers more customization choices. However, after reading feedback from many customers, if you want to protect your dog’s teeth carefully, Get Freebies Today ( highly recommends choosing the Barkbox Super Chewer.

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