12+ Ways To Get Free Baby Samples For Expecting Moms

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12+ Ways To Get Free Baby Samples For Expecting Moms

Having a child can be costly. According to a USDA report, the child-related expenses for the first year of a baby’s life are about $12,000! That is not a small amount of money for middle-income families. Fortunately, there are many free baby samples and free baby items available to assist! If you are wondering “how to get free baby stuff” or “how to get free baby samples,” this is the right place for you. We have compiled a list of the best ways for new and expecting moms, which is informative and worth your attention.

1. Sign up for Diaper Freebies

Newborns urinate or defecate many times a day, so they require a large number of diapers. Therefore, mothers need to consider the criteria of quantity when choosing diapers for newborn babies. Parents-to-be will need at least 10-12 diapers a day for their new baby. From 3 months onwards, that number is at least 8-10 diapers/day. If your budget was tight, signing up for Diaper freebies could be a way to save money for the family.

If you use Huggies products, you can get your free baby diapers from the Smoothreward program by filling out the registration form and completing some offers. There are other programs where you can join for baby freebies such as:

  • Huggies Rewards program: Accumulating points through the use of Huggies diapers and other Huggies products These points increase quickly, and you can use them to get free baby coupons, gift cards, books, and toys.
  • Pampers Rewards program: The program compensates participants for collecting codes from Pampers diapers. The codes can be used to get free baby items such as baby food, baby gear, gift cards, toys, and books.

In some rewards programs, you are requested personal information like your name, phone number, address, and email to the company. You should be careful to share private information, make sure to know how they use their data.

2. Create a Baby Registry

A baby registry is a list of items parents would like to receive as gifts for the upcoming child. Having a baby registry not only helps your friends and family know what to buy you, but it can also help you earn free gifts and rewards. Some companies can send you a welcome box containing freebies as well as discounts and coupons on your baby registry items.

We recommend some popular baby registries that frequently provide free baby items:

3. Search for Baby Product Coupons

Coupon codes for free baby items are frequently available at online baby stores. It’s sometimes a free gift with purchase, but now and then, a fantastic coupon code will appear, allowing you to get some free baby stuff.

Here are some popular ways to find baby product coupons:

  • Examine the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts for baby products
  • Use online coupon sites or apps for your favorite stores
  • Find coupons and cashback deals on iBotta and Checkout51 apps

4. Ask for Free Samples of Baby Items

Sign up online frequently for your favorite brands, and they may send you a free sample or two. You could also call the company and express your interest in trying their product; they may be willing to send you free baby items.

Another idea is to request your baby’s pediatrician or even the Children’s Hospital if they have any free baby samples. For example, they may recommend and give you samples of cough drops, fever reducers, or other medications to try when your baby is not feeling very well.

5. Request Baby Formula Samples

According to the US Surgeon General, the cost of baby formula across popular brands can range from $1,200 to $1,500 during a baby’s first year. The figure is relatively high for a low-income family. You should ask for baby formula samples to save money. Some companies offer baby samples like Enfamil or Similac; you will be able to try a variety of new baby formulas to see which one your child prefers.

These programs send parents free formula products and up to $400 in free gifts, savings, and benefits. Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginningssimil and Similac StrongMoms Rewards program.

6. Find freebies in Marketplace Sites

Is there any place you can find freebies for your baby? The answer is yes. You can find them on Marketplace Sites such as Facebook, Freecycle, or Craiglist.

  • Facebook: You can search your local area for free baby stuff using Facebook Marketplace. To see only the completely free baby items available, select “Only Show Free Listings.”
  • Freecycle: Another site where people can post items they no longer want is Freecycle. They would rather get rid of it than deal with the hassle of selling it. On Freecycle, there are many free baby items just waiting to be claimed. All you have to do now is look for it.
  • Craiglist: Keep an eye on the listing if you want a few baby items, but they are not free. If the item hasn’t been sold after a long time, contact the seller to see if they would like to get rid of it. If the item doesn’t sell, the seller will most likely want to unload it anyway. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

We recommend you should research the products and it’s owner for safety reasons. No one wants the baby at risk with a product with no certificate of origin.

7. Ask your friends and family

Free baby items might be closer to you than you think. In fact, many people keep their old baby clothes and are waiting to give them to someone who needs them.

Check with your family and your friends to see if they have any free baby items they’d like to get rid of or if they know someone who does. They may have strollers, cribs, baby clothes, and other items in their home that are simply taking up space.

If you’re concerned that asking for things will offend people you care about, offer to buy the items for a reasonable price. Most likely, the amount you pay them will be significantly less than the cost of purchasing new items.

8. Try Baby Stuffs Swap

When a group of parents gets together to swap baby stuff they don’t want for baby items they do want, it’s known as a baby swap or a kid swap. These laid-back get-togethers can be a great way to get rid of your old baby stuff in exchange for some brand new free baby items.

9. Ask a Friend to Host a Baby Shower

Friends and family members bring gifts for your baby at a baby shower, which is a wonderful tradition for first-time moms. The majority of the time, a friend or family member will volunteer to host a baby shower, but if this is not the case, you can always ask someone close to you if they would be willing to host one. This is the way many moms have done for free baby items.

10. Shop Garage Sales

A garage sale is the sale of miscellaneous household items, usually held in someone’s garage or front yard. Spending your time on a garage sale is a great way to find low-cost or even free baby items, especially if you go late in the afternoon when people are almost done for the day. When people hold garage sales, they frequently get rid of the items that do not sell after the event is over.

11. Search for baby freebies on content sites

Browsing some content sites on the search engine may be an idea for baby freebies. There are lists of baby freebies, deals, and discounts for you to find out. Instead of spending too much time asking for other opinions, try to google some content sites like or These websites have not only free baby samples but also tips for mothers to take note of.

12. Ask your doctor’s office 

Formula companies frequently give away free formula to hospitals and doctors’ offices in the hopes that you will try the samples. Call the local hospital and doctor’s office to see what they have on hand.

If they don’t have any formula samples, ask if they can recommend any local resources. Aside from free baby formula, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics can frequently provide you with free diapers and baby magazines.

Bottom line

This list suggests some of the best ways to get free baby items available. When you are expecting a baby, many free baby samples, free baby gear, clothes, and formula can help relieve financial stress. Companies offer free samples of diapers or formula so you can try them out and see if they are suitable for your baby.

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