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Join Pinchme To Get Free Samples From Major Brands

PINCHme is a free sample program that sends you free samples of major brand products like Unilever, P&G, Starbucks, Pepsico. You are asked to review these samples so they can send you more. New samples are released once a month, usually on the first or second Tuesday of the month.

1. How to join PinchMe

Before you can start getting free samples from PINCHme, you must join first. Create an account or sign up. You can sign up by providing your full name, email, date of birth, zip code, gender. Alternatively, you can use Facebook to sign up. Joining PinchMe is completely free.


2. How it works

  1. In your profile, you’ll answer questions about your shopping habits, family members, and other details to help PinchMe match you with a sample that’s right for you. These questions are updated regularly, so make sure to check your profile and keep it up to date.
  2. Choose samples that you’re excited to try. PinchMe will send the sample box directly to you for free.
  3. After trying your samples, please fill out a short feedback survey for your opinions about the products. PinchMe will share your feedback and reviews with the brands.

How does it work?

3. Earning PinchMe points

You can earn PinchMe points by leaving feedback, completing your profile, connecting to Twitter and Facebook, and engaging in other activities on the website. These points will put you in the running for exclusive freebies and gift card giveaways. You will have a chance to win Pinch Me boxes if you respond for a Sample Tuesday on their Facebook fan page. You can also complete surveys by clicking on the “QUIZme” tab, and you will be allowed in drawings for special PinchMe boxes.

4. Types of Samples PinchMe offers

The free samples available from PINCHme are pretty diverse. Free samples of lotion, chocolate, soap, tissues, perfume, supplements, cereal, moisturizer, dog treats, chips, shampoo, makeup, coffee, and other items have previously been distributed. See more at:

You can see a lot of offers on this site, including:


Get free samples from PinchMe


Get free samples from PinchMe

5. Tips To Get a Free PinchMe Sample Box

While PinchMe provides free samples every month, it’s not mean that everybody will receive samples. Many factors influence who is eligible for samples, including the number of samples available and the targeting specified by their brand partners. Here are five tips and tricks to increase your chances of receiving a box of free samples:

  • Be ready to claim samples on Tuesday every month from 12 pm EST to 9 am PST. There are a limited number of free samples available each month, so you need to be among the first to check for samples when it goes live. They distribute the samples on a first-come, first-served basis, so when you are late, there is nothing left.
  • Complete your entire profile and keep it up to date as new profile questions are added on a regular basis. This increases your chances of being matched with suitable freebies.
  • Don’t hit the back button when you’ve started checking out with samples; all of your samples will be removed from your cart.
  • Check your account regularly, especially on Monday, the day before a PinchMe Tuesday. If you are lucky, you will claim free samples before the official PinchMe Sample Tuesday goes live.
  • Complete your feedback process. You need to review the free samples that you have received if you want to continue receiving free samples. They will send a feedback survey to you two weeks after you receive your freebies. These are quick and easy to complete questionnaires.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, PinchMe is a product testing website that sends you free samples in exchange for your feedback. It has a variety of free samples, free to join, and is friendly on mobile. If you live in the United States and enjoy receiving free products, PinchMe is worth considering.


PINCHme Group, Inc

611 Broadway

Suite 308

New York, NY 10012

Phone: (917) 512-6553


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