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Del Monte Growing Great Promo

If you buy Del Monte products on a regular basis, this should be a special promotion to take advantage of. Spend time and effort to submit your receipt for a $5 gift card/donation. Get Freebies Today will help you find out the details of this promo.

Learn About Del Monte’s Partnership With Non-profit GrowingGreat®

  • Since 2019, Del Monte® has partnered with the non-profit GrowingGreat® to provide elementary and middle school students with hands-on science and nutrition education. 
  • Del Monte® was instrumental in empowering a generation of young eaters, as the program taught young people across the country how to grow nutritious vegetables and fruits.
  • GrowingGreat® reached 95,000 children, parents, and teachers through school partnerships, and implemented nutrition and STEM programs as a result of this initiative.

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up for an account on the website that links to the button below.
  • Answer a few questions to learn about Del Monte’s partnership with non-profit GrowingGreat®
  • Explore delicious recipes and test your knowledge about the brand with fun trivia.

Additional information

The Del Monte promotion gives you the option of receiving a $5 gift card (Amazon, Airbnb, App Store & iTunes) or donating the $5 to the GrowingGreat Organization. If you choose to receive the $5 gift card, you will be emailed a Reward Link that you can use to redeem your preferred gift card. Register now to discover delicious recipes, and take a fun quiz to test your brand knowledge.


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