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Top 10 Royalty-free Music Samples Websites

The use of appropriate sounds is the most crucial aspect of music production. For an artist’s progress, achieving a professional outcome on both a technical and musical level is critical. You may develop your own sample library by collecting self-made samples and samples from other artists, but where do you get them? Here are some of the greatest free music samples websites in 2021.

Royalty-free music samples websites


The site offers its members free sound samples that have been carefully selected and organized. There are different genres of the sounds, such as pop, funk, pop, and retro. They are made and selected by artists such as Pan-Pot, Marc Houle, the Dirty Projectors, etc. What is the best feature of the new sample download service? It is completely free for everyone; simply register by using your email or Facebook account.

The website has a simple but engaging interface that starts with a list of high-quality sounds. You can find the sample packs using filter options such as genre, artist, or vibe. Individual sounds can be filtered by type, genre, instrument, key, BPM, and more.

Why should you join?

  • Register and start using LANDR for FREE
  • Download up to 10,000 exclusive, royalty-free samples
  • Use high-quality audio
  • Access your music library with unlimited cloud storage
  • Connect with over 3 million creators

2. SampleRadar

SampleRadar is the hub page for regular giveaways of high-quality, royalty-free samples. The number of samples is growing rapidly, with over 64,000 free samples. SampleRadar guarantees that the sounds in its database were created exclusively for their service by Future Music and Computer Music.

The remarkable point on this site is the logical organization. The samples are in the alphabetical list; they are also in categories based on their themes. The organization of the sound samples in this way makes it pretty simple for anyone to use the site. Not only you can see regular updates on SampleRadar, but you also can import free music samples easily in the digital audio workstation.

3. SampleFocus

SampleFocus comes with a database of audio samples that users can search through easily. It includes categories, collections, and tags to make browsing and searching easier. Whether you are looking for a specific instrument, timbre, or mood, you will find it quickly. SampleFocus hopes to assist you in creating the best audio outputs of your life.

It is in the Beta stage, so the music samples are still free. We don’t know if it will continue to be free or if additional fees will be required in the future. Currently, the site operates on credits, which can be used to purchase samples. Users are automatically given five download credits every week. If they upload something on the website, they earn four credits when it is approved. Furthermore, you can earn 30 credits by referring a friend to the site, and your friend will receive the same number of credits.

4. LooperMan

LooperMan gives you access to a massive library of hits and loops for your tunes, beats, and samples that are compatible with the majority of music software. There are 8,000 acapella vocal samples in a separate category.

You can browse the free music samples using the filter options for category, genre, date, tempo, and key. Every entry in the collection also has tags, which is very useful when dealing with thousands of samples from the ’90s.

When you look at LooperMan’s database (almost 100,000 samples), you can see that it is focused on quantity rather than quality. However, this is something that works for a large number of users. As a result, they have more sound samples to choose from.

5. SoundPacks

This website collects free sample packs distributed on the internet, offering a curated selection of vocals, drums, and much more. Although many of the packs are still labeled as ‘taster’ samples, there is an abundance of audio files available for you to use.

SoundPacks also serves as a source of presets, providing new material for Absynth, Serum, Massive, Sytrus, etc. The site is constantly updated with new content, making it an excellent source for new sounds.

6. BBC Sound Effects Library

BBC Sound Effects gives you access to a wide range of sounds, including nature, transport, machines, clocks, footsteps, etc. Remarkably, its database contains over 33,000 sound clips from around the world for the last decades. It is such an extensive source of free samples that anybody will appreciate it.

The downside is that free samples are not properly classified. To find the best sound, you will have to go through each sample one by one. For most artists who do not have the time to go through the process, it may be a hassle. Moreover, the samples are intended for personal, educational, and research use. You cannot make use of its materials for commercial purposes.

7. Freesound

FreeSound is more of a treasure trove of sound effects and real-world audio files than it is a musical resource. The website refers to itself as a “collaborative database” that aims to “provide interesting and new ways of accessing free samples.” You must use the tags that have been assigned to each sound to search through Freesound. Each sound has a waveform displayed beside it in the search result, so you can know the sound’s characteristics before listening to it.

8. NASA Audio Collection

There is no better place to hear sounds from space than NASA Audio Collection. Every entry on the main page earns you a sound playlist. The sound samples are simple to download, and you do not need to worry about copyright issues. This is due to NASA’s obligation to have all of its materials classified as public domain and copyright-free. We can consider sound samples of NASA as public property.

9. Bedroom Producers Blog Sample Archive

This producer’s website has been entering free sample pack releases since 2010, so there is eight years’ worth of high-quality content to choose from. Bedroom Producers Blog is more of an aggregator than a distributor of samples, but it is one of the very best when it comes to sample collections and Kontakt instruments.

10. Sample Swap

SampleSwap is jam-packed with free, high-quality sounds that have been meticulously classified over the site’s decade of existence.

On this site, you will find loops and breaks, full kits, acapella vocals, ambiance and noises, multi-sampled instruments, and even entire pieces of royalty-free music.

Final thoughts

Sounds, whether they are music, noise, or something in between, are extremely effective at evoking emotions in your audience. Whether you are trying to generate excitement, elicit sympathy, or express joy, sounds are an excellent tool to use. They can sometimes act as unspoken words in delivering your message or telling your story. With the 9 best free music samples websites we have recommended above, you should not have a hard time finding the nice sounds that you need.

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