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How To Get A Picky Dog To Eat Its Food? Causes And Solutions For “picky eating” In Dogs

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How To Get A Picky Dog To Eat Its Food? Causes And Solutions For “picky eating” In Dogs

Humans and dogs are best friends, sharing many things in common. The same in eating habits, some dogs are easy eaters, but some are picky eaters, meaning that they have a hard time choosing the food they really want. Many dog owners will be concerned if their dogs aren’t interested in eating. Therefore, it’s essential to understand when your dog is a picky eater and what you should do if it is. Getting a picky dog to eat its food is a difficult task. Let’s find out the reasons and solutions for the problem with Get Freebies Today.

1. Why is my dog a picky eater?

1.1. They may want attention more than food

Not every dog has a passion for food, especially the smaller breeds. For some dogs, food is not everything. They do not consider food to be the ultimate reward. They may want your attention or care rather than food. Take note of what motivates your dog. You can take care of your dog through affection, grooming, playtime, training, general exercise, and participation in a variety of activities.

1.2. Skipping a meal is not a big deal

You do not necessarily need to make your dog eat every time you put down the food. Note that the weight of food is in proportion to body weight. If your dog is small weight, your friend is more likely to skip a meal.

1.3. It reminds your dog of bad memories

As mentioned above, humans and dogs share the same eating habits. If you do not enjoy a meal giving you an upset stomach or indigestion, you will most likely avoid eating that food the next time. If your dog associated this problem with a specific food, they would do the same. A different type of food could make a difference.

1.4. Age or Health can be an issue

If your dog lacks appetite suddenly or occasionally, maybe your friend is getting older. Please make an appointment with your vet to bring them in for a periodic health check. It will help if you keep an eye on your Fido’s health condition from time to time, which can be an effective solution to reduce anorexia.

1.5. Anxiety can cause problems

Your dog’s appetite can be stifled if he is nervous. Similar to humans, dogs don’t eat as much when they stress out. The reasons could be boredom, loneliness, tension, or separation anxiety. For example, your pet will be anxious if it stays at home too long during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you believe your dog’s lack of appetite is due to anxiety, spend more time with them and make them happier.

2. Tricks to get a picky dog to eat its food

2.1. Make sure the dog’s food hasn’t spoiled or expired

In most cases, people wouldn’t eat pizza that had been left outside all day. Your dog has similar feelings about his kibble. If you give your dog dry food that has been left out overnight, it will most likely turn it down.

Dry dog food may go stale or absorb moisture if you do not have the right food preservation methods. This will affect dog food’s smell and taste.  What’s the result? It’s not going to touch it. In this case, a fresh scoop of kibble may be an effective way to get your dog to eat.

2.2. Throw it to the floor

If you have a fussy dog, try to get it to eat meals by sprinkling dried dog food on the ground. Because your playful puppy thinks it’s a game, it might be happy to take the food. This way requires you to have more time to play with your pup. The more time you spend feeding the dog, the more likely it will enjoy eating.

2.3. Create a new recipe for success

If your dog dislikes the taste of its food, you need to find a new recipe to raise the appetite. However, be cautious about changing the diet quickly. It takes a while for the dog to get used to the new food. This method can be counter-productive if you apply it too fast. If you feel compelled to make a change, discuss it with your veterinarian, and do it step by step.

2.4. Warm the meal to enhance flavor

Heating food helps improve the flavor and release a strong aroma. It basically makes your dog’s food taste better, which stimulates its appetite. How the heat the dog food? It’s pretty simple. Wet food can be heated up in the steamer pot or microwave. For dried dog food, you need to stir through a small amount of hot water.

2.5. Your friend likes a schedule

Consistency is important. If your dog has an irregular eating schedule, it will most likely eat food irregularly as well.

Dogs are similar to babies. They like routine.

Establish good eating habits for your dog:

  • Feeding the same type of dog food.
  • Feeding the same amount of food.
  • Feed your dog at the same time of the day.
  • Feed your dog in the same location.
  • Use the same dog bowl.

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2.7. Spend time with your pet

If you believe your dog’s lack of appetite is due to anxiety, spend more time with them. Here are the most common signs of anxious dogs:

  • When the owner is away from home, the dog barks or howls.
  • Pant and pace.
  • Shiver
  • Run around or cower in a house corner
  • Get out of the yard
  • Destroy the furniture
  • Self-harm by excessive licking or chewing

Dogs are the best friends of humans. If they have trouble eating, you should find out the causes and find a solution on time. The best way is consulting a vet; other methods are listed above. Don’t forget to pay attention to your pets every day to let them enjoy a healthy life.

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