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How To Get Free Samples By Mail With Sample That?

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How To Get Free Samples By Mail With Sample That?

It’s nice to get free things in a world where you have to pay for everything. We introduce a place that offers samples for free: Sample That. This site gives you the chance to get free samples by mail. It’s a website that advertises not only free samples from well-known companies but also amazing deals from smaller businesses. To receive and enjoy these benefits, all you have to do is sign up.

1. Types of products

SampleThat has a large selection of freebies to choose from, including health samples, beauty samples, baby samples, and household samples.

Here are a few examples of how exciting and diverse SampleThat’s freebies can be:

  • Free Slurpee at 7/11
  • Reebok Product Testing
  • Free Homepathic Samples
  • Poise Pads Sample Kit
  • Free Pet ID Tag
  • Three Free Months of Rosetta Stone
  • Free Cell Phone Accessories
  • Free CeraVe Skincare Sample

You can easily find so many offers, samples, coupons, deals, surveys, specials, giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes available on to choose from.

2. How to get free samples by mail?

Register with valid information to join to receive daily emails about top-brand beauty, health, baby, and household sample offers! SampleThat encourage you to get as many of these offers as you like. You can be free to browse through all of their offers once you create an account. If you find your favorite free samples, simply click the “Get Sample!” button and you will be guided through the rest of the process.

Nevertheless, even if you have a membership, they cannot guarantee that you will receive the offer you requested. There would be many reasons for this, which includes:

  • It’s possible that the offers were revoked back by the company/service that made them in the first place.
  • It’s likely that they ran out of what you requested or that the offer simply expired, but don’t let this setback convince you that isn’t legitimate in any way. They do not have a monopoly over all of these businesses; they simply promote offers for them.

Check the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) for daily offers and deals. When you are a member, don’t forget to check your email for amazing exclusive offers!

3. Cost and Price Plans

With SampleThat, requesting and signing up is completely free, and they will never ask for payment information for the products. However, some of the products they ship may require a small handling and shipping fee, depending on the company.

4. Competitors

While appears to be the website you’d like to get freebies from, there are a number of other websites that provide the same service, including,, and

In fact, they are all the same websites because they provide the same services, but there are a few variations that distinguish one from the other.

  • offers free samples in the categories of health, food, cosmetics, and children. The website is untrustworthy, with an unappealing look, although it has been labeled as secure.
  • also has a nice website design with a detailed “How Does It Work” section on the first page, and it is the only firm that guarantees free shipping on the sample you want to receive.
  • has the most appealing web design, which may increase your trust in it. It also has a more complex, well-explained, and safe technique of getting freebies.

5. Why you should join?

Among a variety of freebies websites, we recommend SampleThat for the following reasons:

  • Nice web design, simple interface and easy to use.
  • Thousands of free samples online.
  • Sign up for free.
  • Receive daily mails about top-brand beauty, health, baby, and household sample offers.
  • Free samples from big companies such as Taco Bell, Cerave, Subway, McDonald’s, La Roche Posay, etc.
  • Daily promotions and offers can be found on the website and social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • There are already a lot of people receiving products daily or weekly.


6. Conclusion

Everyone likes receiving freebies. is a website dedicated to providing people with the best offers on free stuff. Compared to other sites, SampleThat is one of the best choices for getting free samples by mail. Just sign up, you will get daily emails about which sample products they have in store for you.

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