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How To Get Free Grocery?

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How To Get Free Grocery?

As the cost of groceries increases over time, you need to know how to get free grocery to save money for your family. Get Freebies Today will share some tips to help you get many free items monthly for saving money.

1. Get $500 Super Grocery Sweepstakes

The easiest way to earn free groceries is to join Grocery Sweepstakes. If you are an American resident above 18 years old, you just need to complete the online form and answer some survey questions.

The prize includes:

  • $500 in groceries.
  • An Allure Beauty Box.
  • A KitchenAid Artisan Mixer.
  • A $500 Whole Foods gift card.
  • A $200 Walmart gift card.

To win this attractive prize to buy at the grocery store, click the button below. No purchase, no money required!


2. Bookmark The Freebie List collects all your products for free in one place, especially a free food sample, coupon matchups and deals. It makes research much easier. This website is also free to use and comes highly recommended if you want to get into couponing.

This website updates the freebies list weekly. You can check what you can get for free from the many retailers they track, especially free grocery items. Choose your state from the list and browse the retailers in your area to see if there are any free products available.

3. Buy Nothing Facebook Group

This group is a great way for you to get cool free groceries online such as parchment paper, pasta, canned milk, and so on. It could be because someone didn’t like something they bought in bulk, or they realize they won’t be able to finish it before it spoils. Visit to search for a group in your area.

4. Couponing At The Dollar Store and The Krazy Coupon Lady use apps like Ibotta and Fetch to match manufacturer coupons and rebates with Dollar store items. You may think this store sells low-cost plastic items and snacks such as potato chips and cookies. However, they also sell other food items. You will see free coupons or app deals on cheese, frozen entrees, boxed meals, hot sauce, etc in this store.

5. Don’t Forget The “Catalina”

The term “Catalina” refers to coupons that print out after buying in the coupon world. These coupons often have various values, ranging from buying one, get one free to a specific amount off your next purchase.

While many of these coupons are of little value, you will come across a gem now and then. At the very least, take the coupons from the printer, especially grocery coupons, and see if it’s valid for a future purchase.

6. Download Ibotta And Other Receipt Apps

Ibotta and other receipt apps (including Dosh or Checkout51) work similarly to coupon matchups, but they may be easier to use. They’re 100% free apps that you can get cash back after you’ve finished shopping. To get cash back from these apps, you need to upload your receipt whenever you buy one of the items listed. You can also scan the app to see if you’re eligible for reimbursement. For example, Ibotta will credit your account after you show proof of purchase with a receipt scan. Within 48 hours, the cash will be available in your account.

Download Ibotta and Other Receipt Apps

Download Ibotta and Other Receipt Apps

7. Estate Sales

You might not have to pay a lot for food in the kitchen if you find it at an estate sale. You will come across these sales when you live in big cities, and the organizers didn’t charge for some of the food items you want to buy a couple of times.

8. Freecycle And Craigslist

How to get free grocery with Freecycle and Craigslist? You are able to find free groceries in these two groups, especially food on which you have to spend most of your monthly budget. A number of free food is available, such as infant cereal, potatoes, seasoned salt, applesauce, cooking oil, green beans, all-purpose flour, whole milk, mayonnaise, and sweet potatoes. These groups are also useful for people who have a budget that includes pet food.

9. Gleaning

Nonprofit organizations are creating websites to give information about where you can get free food. These foods may include vegetables, fruits, and even nuts. Others take unwanted food from supermarkets and restaurants and distribute it to those in need.

Food Forward serves as a hub for gleaning organizations in the United States and Canada. Here are a few examples from that list:

  • Fallen Fruit publishes fruit and nut maps in and around Los Angeles.
  • Urban Food Forestry collates links for harvesting initiatives.
  • Village Harvest gives options in ten USA and one province in Canada.
  • Falling Fruit maps gleaning produce in the United States and other countries, and links to food distribution organizations.

10. Become A Mystery Shopper

This one requires some effort, but it can result in free groceries. After completing your task, you will be asked to shop undercover while answering questions. Companies want to know how their stores are doing and look to average shoppers like you for assistance.

The great thing about mystery shopping is that so many companies collaborate with well-known supermarkets. And, with many of these jobs, you will not only be given a certain amount of money to spend on groceries while undercover but you will also be paid!

11. Take Part In A Survey Panel

You will have numerous opportunities to get free food products at home while being compensated through multiple survey panels. It is easy. You answer questions for research firms, and they pay you. For the time being, you should at least look into Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research to get started. All of these options frequently send out food for free.

Join a Survey Panel

Join a Survey Panel

12. Join Loyalty Programs

The majority of well-known grocery stores give a free frequent shopper program. Kroger offers a free “Plus Card” program, whereas Meijer offers mPerks. There is some sort of loyalty program that offers coupons and even products for free once you join to use them. For example, the Kroger Plus card sends a FREE item on the first Friday of each month, whereas Sprouts occasionally offers a freebie on its app.

13. Little Free Food pantries

Perhaps you are noticed Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood. The Little Free Food Pantries movement follows a similar pattern: a small box on a post, but it is filled with food. You can drop by early in the morning or late at night unless you want anyone to know you’re in need because they’re “open” around the clock.

There are two possible sources for free groceries in your area:

14. Modified freeganism

Retailers throw out various still-good food, which people who call themselves “freegans” retrieve and eat. For example, when you work at a coffee shop, employees are allowed to take unsold sandwiches and salads home at the end of the business day. This will help reduce waste by salvaging food. You can save money by finding free food without making any purchases.

15. Sign up for Coupon Newsletters

Not only do supermarkets have loyalty programs, but so do businesses. For example, Kellogg’s has a Family Rewards program, and Coca-Cola has a mobile app where you can earn this free drink. Betty Crocker has also been known to send out free sample coupons. Hundreds of businesses want you to join their email list so that they can send you coupons and even food samples.

16. Take Advantage of Coupons

Coupons are by far the best way to get free groceries out of all the suggestions we’ve made. It’s not difficult if you don’t mind printing or clipping a coupon. If you’re new to coupon matching, here’s how to get free groceries.

  • First, save some useful sites to your favorites. Every week, these websites will provide you with the information about the “coupon matchup” sheets you need to help you find free groceries.
  • Next, look through the weekly coupon deals and look for free items at the store you want to shop at. These items aren’t always on the list, but when they are, you’ll need a coupon to get them.

Tip: Swagbucks will actually pay you to print coupons. It’s not too much, but if you’re going to print them, check here first to see if you can be rewarded in any way.

By reading the information from Get Freebies Today, you will know how to get free grocery in a number of resources. These tips will not pay for all of your groceries, but they may help you for saving $5, $10, or even more. It all depends on how good you get at it and what you buy.

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