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How To Get Free Perfumes Sample?

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How To Get Free Perfumes Sample?

Do you want to try new fragrances without paying full price? If yes, let Get Freebies Today show you how to get free perfumes sample

1. Getting free perfumes sample by mail

1.1. Sign up for Get Freebies Today

The simplest and fastest way to find free perfumes samples by mail is to sign up for Get Freebies Today. By registering on the site, you can get the samples via email. No shipping fees, no extra costs, no cash or money required. 

Sign up for Get Freebies Today

Sign up for Get Freebies Today

All you need to do is create an account on our site and complete a few survey questions. Remember to check your email every day to see if you are a lucky winner.

You can receive not only fragrance samples but also skincare products. We have a lot of beauty-related free samples. Click the button and grab the chance for a free perfume sample right now.


1.2. Sign up for PinchMe

PinchMe is a website that offers free samples by email. The registration process is simple. You can sign up by providing your full name, email, date of birth, zip code, and gender. Alternatively, you can use Facebook to register.

This website has no require any credit card information. They’ll send your free products without a shipping fee. The only thing they want from you is your opinion on the product.

If you’re finding free samples other than perfumes, they also send you health and beauty products. Just 2 minutes and 1 click to register; the perfume sample is in your hand. Do not hesitate to click the button!


1.3. Some free perfume samples

There are many fragrance samples from famous brands on our site and social page waiting for you. It’s the best time to choose good selection. No buying, no checkout, no need to test the fragrance. We will try our best to work and deliver our customers the best fragrance samples and updated information list. 

Giorgio Armani Si Sample: Launched in 2013, appearing with a vibrant, eye-catching red design, Sì Passione makes some girls fall in love with its scent. Whether you are a girly, strong personality or a soft, sweet young lady, Sì Passione Eau De Parfum easily convinces you!

Chanel 5 Sample: Chanel No5 EDP perfume 100ml is a high-class women’s perfume bottle from the French Chanel brand. Chanel No5 EDP helps girls stand out with its long-lasting scent, making you more confident and attractive during your party or private date.


2. How to get perfume samples for free online?

If you’re a perfume junkie, you may not have enough money to buy every new bottle that comes out. Instead of spending a fortune on perfume, obtain some free stuff to try! 

Ordering perfumes samples online is our suggestion. Read on to know how to do it more clearly.

2.1. Sign up for free sample websites

There are websites having a lot of free samples. They find them on Facebook, Instagram, manufacturers’ sites, Amazon shop, and other places. It’s easy to find the offer in daily emails, on the post on their website or magazines.


  • Use a different email address rather than your primary one if you don’t want to get a lot of spam.
  • For security reasons, giving out your credit card details is not encouraged.

2.2. Contact customer service directly

Rather than waiting for a new fragrance to be released, contact the perfume manufacturer’s customer service and request free samples. Remember to be polite. If they say no, don’t be offended or upset. They’ll improve the service quality. Some businesses will send you a sample, while others will not.

2.3. Sign up with the perfume company

Many perfume companies will send emails to their mailing lists offering free samples of new and upcoming scents. You should decide which perfume companies you want to receive samples from and join their mailing lists.


  • When new perfumes are released, keep an eye out for special offers.
  • Many businesses will only have a limited number of samples available, so make sure you check at the right times.
  • Make a new email account for this. This prevents spam from infiltrating your regular email.
  • Look through perfume catalogs and the perfume counter to find suitable companies to join, such as Calvin Klein, Hermes, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce and Gabbana.

2.4. Order from perfume retailers

Many online perfume retailers provide free samples when you make a purchase. Choose a perfume and add it to your online shopping cart. When you check out, you will be asked to select free samples.

Some stores will only provide perfume and cologne samples. Other retailers will provide perfume and other beauty product samples. Choose the samples you want, and they will be added to your cart automatically.

Order from perfume retailers

Order from perfume retailers


  • Some stores require you to spend a certain amount to be eligible for free samples. 
  • Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, and Nordstrom are among the online retailers that provide free perfume samples.

3. Getting Perfumes Samples in Person

Alternatively, getting perfume samples free in person is another method that you should know. Here are three ways for your reference:

3.1. Participate in a sample swap

Swapping is a way to get rid of samples you don’t like in exchange for something you would like to try. Generally, you send people samples, and they send you samples in return.


  • People do not always consider the same things when it comes to fair trades. You can obtain older samples. The sample may not be what you expected. 
  • Most online swapping forums have terms of service and review systems to help make it a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.
  • Try the Basenotes forums, Reddit’s perfume exchange, or Perfume Posse’s Swapmania.

3.2. Ask for samples from retailers

Many stores keep perfume samples on hand to hand out to customers. Perfume samples will be attached to cardboard cards and placed on the counter next to the products in some large department stores with perfume counters. When asked, other retailers will provide samples.


  • Look through the perfume areas of stores. If you can’t find any perfume samples, approach a sales representative and inquire about them.
  • Some of the samples are contingent on whether or not the store is out of stock and whether or not the manufacturer has dispatched them.
  • Perfume samples are frequently available at Sephora and Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Neiman Marcus retailers.

3.3. Visit the perfume counter

Customers can try open bottles of perfume on the counter in most perfume shops. While you won’t be able to take these bottles home, you can sample the fragrance by spraying some on yourself.

Spray it behind your ears or on your wrist. Allow it to dry, and then smell how it smells on your skin. Before important occasions, go into a store and spray some sample perfume on yourself.


By reading the article from Get Freebies Today, you can learn how to get free perfumes sampleGetting free perfume samples is one of the best ways to get free fragrances. It’s a great way to treat yourself in a cost-effective and enjoyable way.

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