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How To Redeem Walmart Gift Card?

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How To Redeem Walmart Gift Card?

Whether you have a Walmart eGift Card or a physical card, you need to know how to redeem Walmart gift card. It often takes a few simple steps to use your card for purchases in the shop. Get Freebies Today will show you the process in this article.

1. Don’t Forget To Activate Your Gift Card Before Redeeming

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retail chains. They provide gift cards as part of the numerous promotions they provide to their customers. It is important to activate the Walmart gift card because this card can be redeemed at many other online and physical stores when shopping. Walmart will send you an email with instructions on activating your card after you place an order. As a result, you should double-check that your Walmart account has the correct address listed.

When it comes to activating your card, you have a few options: by phone, online, or at a Walmart store. The ID number, activation code, and PIN are required. You can contact Walmart gift card support or customer service if you need assistance activating the card.

2. How To Redeem Walmart Gift Card?

It is available for purchase in any denomination at any time during store hours. This card can be loaded with any amount of money starting from $10. You can use it to buy anything from Walmart.

You can redeem your Walmart gift card online or at physical stores at:

  • Walmart Stores and Neighborhood Markets
  • Walmart Gas Stations
  • Sam’s Club stores

2.1. Redeeming Gift Card At

To redeem gift cards online at, you can choose the products you want, add a gift card or a new one during the checkout process.

You can keep up to five Gift Cards and/or e Gift Cards in your account at one time. To save Gift Cards or eGift Cards, check these steps:

  • Login to Your Account.
  • Select Account.
  • Under Manage Account, click “Gift Cards”.
  • Click “Add New Gift Card”.
  • Enter the PIN, gift card number, and a card nickname.
  • Save.

2.2. Redeeming Gift Card At Stores

You are able to redeem the card at any Walmart store:

  • When using an electronic gift card, you must show the printout or email to the cashier for entering the card information.
  • If you have a regular plastic card, your cashier can swipe it for you, or you can swipe the physical card yourself at the payment step at a regular checkout lane or self-checkout station.
  • If you’ve already saved your card to your account, you can also use Walmart Pay on your phone’s Walmart app. When you open Walmart Pay, give the PIN code you created and go to your personal payment settings to select the card. When you are ready to checkout, scan the QR code on the credit card reader or checkout screen to complete your purchase.
Redeeming Walmart Gift Card at Walmart Stores

Redeeming gift cards at a store

2.3. Redeeming Gift Card Elsewhere

While you’ll probably use your card at Walmart, it will also work at Sam’s Club stores and websites, as well as

You can redeem your card by:

  • Inputting the information during the online checkout process.
  • Showing your card to a cashier.
  • Swiping it yourself at checkout.

However, if you are not a member, you will be charged 10% of service fees if you use your card there.

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